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I got laid off today.  It sucks.  Between tears, networking, and more tears, I was consoled by my friends on “The League.”  I laughed, and I felt a bit better.  I put it on something boring that let my mind stay occupied just enough to allow me to take a nap this afternoon to help get rid of my headache.  And, tonight I watched “Family Guy” on HuluPlus and got a chuckle or two.

Streaming entertainment isn’t a replacement of the important things in life like family, friends, and—let’s not forget—gainful employment.  But, it sure can take the edge off an otherwise devastating day.  Here’s just hoping I can find a new job before my Netflix and HuluPlus money runs out.

Maybe I’ll start the Save Stacy’s Netflix and HuluPlus accounts campaign!  Just send me your spare change via PayPal:  Save Stacy’s Streaming Services!

Good night and good luck out there. 

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